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Eva.J Swiss organic neurocosmetics

Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector, EJ005 40 ml

Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector, EJ005 40 ml

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  • An ultimate no parabens PRO-AGING face cream to firm, lift, smooth skin and provide profound hydration
  • Brightens complexion
  • Boosts tonus
  • Smoothes wrinkles
  • Reduces formation of pigment spots
  • Oxygenates and fights free radicals and sun damage
  • Particularly recommended for mature skin or dull skin
  • Its subtle citrus fragrance and rich texture enhance the pleasure of application. We also recommend this cream during periods of menopause, convalescence, after pregnancy or psychological stress
  • No parabens, synthetic odorants or colorants. 
  • An airless pump will deliver an exact amount without wasting this beauty care

Precautions: contains natural acids. Apply sun protection if exposed to the sun. Do not apply if sensitive to vitamin C.

Tip: Can be applied under eye area for mature skin.

Active Ingredients:

Alpine Bell Flower, Vitamin C, Milk acids, Bergamot oil.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alla Levadnaya
My favorite product!

My skin has a lot of pigmentation due to hormonal changes and sun exposure, and it's been quite stressed from the extensive travel. In the winter months, it tends to look dull. I've been using this cream as part of my evening routine for several months now, and I've noticed some great improvements. Not only has it helped reduce the formation of pigment spots, but it has also brightened my complexion, boosted the tonus of my skin, and smoothed out some wrinkles. It's been a real game-changer for me!

Soins de haute qualité

Produit facile à appliquer, effet hydratant très efficace, aide aussi à la réduction de cellules mortes de la peau (points noirs).

Efficace, la texture est top

Vraiment épatant ! J'ai commencé à utiliser la crème Eva.J il y a quelques jours. Ma peau a pris un aspect radieux et lisse super rapidement, pour une crème naturelle c'était vraiment une surprise. Elle fait des merveilles.