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Eva.J Swiss organic neurocosmetics

Precious Scents and Colours for Face. Fragile Capillaries. EJ011 10 ml

Precious Scents and Colours for Face. Fragile Capillaries. EJ011 10 ml

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    • Discover the first botanical therapy to treat rosacea, skin flushes and emotional discomfort
  • Precious Scents and Colors for Face. Fragile Capillaries make part of Eva.J Botanical Perfumed Therapy and is recommended for early stage rosacea, skin brightening, hydration and calming to visibly improve diffused redness and bring comfort to sensitive skin.  Reduction of skin flushes and emotional comfort will be particularly appreciated during hormonal changes and menopause; rigorously tested, with proven results in 28 days.  The texture is non oily, with a pleasant relaxing natural scent. 
  • Diminishes diffused redness and couperose/rosacea
  • Stimulates vasoconstriction
  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Stimulates cellular recovery
  • Delivers a visible anti-age effect. The skin is supple, fine lines and redness are significantly reduced. Bacteria is eliminated, and skin immune system is boosted.

Use two drops for a daily application before bed time. The product is surprisingly economical. Best using it under Face Cream N3.  Not recommended for application during or after abrupt temperature change (skin subject to extreme cold or extreme heat) or on an injured skin.

Avoid direct sun exposure 8 hours after the appication or apply sunscreen. Keep in a cool place (but not in a fridge) and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use other than Eva.J cosmetic creams; do not use rollers or other mechanical product.

Active ingredients : Musk rose,  Immortal.

Check Eye Precious Oil, Balance, Natural Cellular Rejuvenation or Cuticles Oil if you liked this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gerlinda de Coninck
Wonder product

After 2,3 days of this amazing essential oil,I got rid of the rosacea I had been struggling with for a month!
I will definitely get more of it!🤩🌞🌸

Alla Levadnaya
Total skin transformation and exceptional hydrating and soothing properties

Initially, I was really worried about my sensitive, dehydrated skin which had a lot of pigmentation due to hormonal changes and sun exposure. It was quite frustrating to try different products without seeing any noticeable improvements. However, after using Fragile Capillaries oil twice, I found it to be a fantastic solution for hydrating and soothing my skin. Not only did it reduce redness and improve my overall skin appearance, but the texture and scent were also absolutely delightful, providing much-needed emotional support during hormonal fluctuations. It was such a relief to find a product that didn't leave my skin feeling oily after application. I highly recommend giving it a try and I'm personally committed to using it consistently because of the wonderful results I've experienced, including a brighter and healthier complexion!