Botanical Perfumed Therapy

Discover Eva.J organic skin care which treats skin and emotions, enjoy natural  rejuvenation and rebalancing, at a special DISCOVERY price.  The set is a wonderful organic treat for any skin and life period, and it is particularly recommended during stressful life periods, sports efforts or hormonal changes. 

Items/Gift Box content:

  • Cream N3 or Face Vitamin C Cream Perfector
  • Precious Scents and Colours for Face. Balance
  • Precious Scents and Colours for Face. Fragile Capillaries
  • Eye Precious Oil

Each product is hand made in a Swiss pharmacy. Active botanicals are carefully sourced from local producers in the Swiss Alps. Profound hydration, skin calming, reduction of skin and emotional stress, anti-acne care, smoothing of wrinkles, energy and balance are all offered in one set. Serums are highly concentrated,  2 drops application once a day is a daily beauty routine.   

Rigorously dermatologically and in-vitro tested with proven efficacy. 

Apply a serum of your choice,  and follow with application of Face cream n 3 for an extra moisturising and pampering, preferably in the evening. You can alternate one serum per day, to enjoy a truly unique and amazing experience of skin and psychological comfort.  See more information about each product on our product/shop page. Avoid direct sun exposure or apply sunscreen. You can choose Face Vitamin C Skin Perfector in place of Cream N3 if you look for a profound firming and brightening care.

Try it!

Box size 44x25x44 cm, weight approx. 0.5 kg