Our Philosophy

Swiss organic neurocosmetics. Proven results. Naturally.

Eva.J Swiss organic neurocosmetics is deeply connected to its roots in Lausanne, Canton of Vaud, drawing inspiration from the pristine crystal mountain sources, pre-alpine meadows, and the understated beauty of everyday life. Our key ingredients are meticulously sourced from local agricultural cooperatives nestled in the Alpine valleys of Switzerland. The production takes place in a Swiss pharmaceutical laboratory, guaranteeing the utmost quality for each product.

We are dedicated to fostering beauty not only through our products but also through meaningful collaborations. We proudly work with workshops for individuals with special needs and actively participate in initiatives focused on cleaning ocean plastic.

Each cream or serum is a unique creation, which invites you to a very personal relationship with skin care. Your Skin Makes the Choice !  With our range, you will find effective solutions for each period of your life, be it a “teenage skin” or a or sports competition. 

«The essential for skincare is to give a chance to preserve and enhance a unique natural identity of every person. Science, nature and emotional consciousness are our powerful allies. Unfailingly, they guide us toward our best decisions. Neurocosmetics is a modern discovery which proves that indeed, beauty starts from inside out.», - E.Johnston

Taking care of our skin alongside our emotions and nervous system is the best way to get both a beauty boost and an emotional pick-me-up.This approach became a starting point for Eva.J Botanical Perfumed Therapy, a holistic proposal for skin and mind health. Discover more on the page “Botanical Perfumed Therapy”.