What is Neurocosmetics Eva.J?

What is Neurocosmetics Eva.J?

Photos: before and after one treatment

Neurocosmetics refers to the use of neuroscience and neurotechnology in the field of cosmetics to enhance the appearance and well-being of individuals.

Mood-Enhancing Cosmetics is a part of our philosophy. Neurocosmetics Eva.J explores, by naturally available components like medicinal plants, how to stimulate specific regions of the brain associated with positive emotions, pain or stress reduction.

Our organic serums are infused with ingredients that trigger the release of endorphins or other feel-good neurotransmitters, offering an instant mood lift.

The natural scents play an important role in the effectiveness of our products. You can call them stress reduction scents. Their specific composition is formulated to induce calming effects.

One of the pathways for Eva.J is to develop skincare products that, through sensory experiences or repetitive use, create neural memory which enables healthy functioning of our skin, thereby potentially improving skin quality over time.

The S-Lift, our flagship patented facial demonstrated amazing results after one single application under dermatological and instrumental control. In-situ tests were performed on caucasian skin, age span 54-62 years old. What is interesting that volunteer tests further performed in Central Asia confirmed the previous results and opened up further query on sleep improvement and extremely deep relaxation noted by subjects.

The Neurocosmetics application is the field to explore, but by all means the future evolvement of skin care.

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