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Botanical Perfumed Therapy

Botanical Perfumed Therapy is the term introduced by Eva.J to designate benefits to our well-being delivered by unique organic products and methods which contribute to a good functioning of our  skin, body and emotions.

Pure natural ingredients, their scents, their targeted activity and a specific know-how combined with understanding of the mechanisms of skin-brain-nerves messaging is how our active cosmetics improve skin metabolism. Healthier skin and balanced mood are a perfect match when you use Eva.J products.

Discover the STAR PRODUCT Precious Scents and Colors for Face. Fragile Capillaries for sensitive skin, skin prone to hot flushes and rosacea. The product is particularly recommended during hormonal changes, for women and men.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is extremely reactive; external factors and particularly stress can lead to an inflammation and skin misbalance. Sensitive skin behaves in a complex way and requires a particularly careful approach. Treating the skin in the same time as our emotions and nervous system is the best approach for a sensitive skin and skin with rosacea, in order to reduce hot flushes, inflammation and irritability.

Eva.J has developed an innovative approach to alleviate stress as a trigger for couperose, cleanse the skin, protect it from bacteria, moisturize and desensitize. Our serum is a precious oil (hence the name) and a powerful composition containing flavonoids, a-pinens and b-3-carens,acides palmitiques, margariques and a bouquet of microelements and vitamins.

Relieve skin prone to redness and improve emotional well-being

We have demonstrated through our consumer, dermatological and in-vitro studies for people aged 45-65 years, with sensitive and stressed skin that our product Precious Scents and Colours for Face. Fragile capillaries soothes sensitized skin, reduces skin inflammation, decreases skin sensitivity, strengthens skin barrier functions and reduces heat sensation. Skin is soothed and anxiety and stress are reduced.


- Home use daily care for irritability, for sensitive skin prone to rosacea and hot flushes. Apply once a day  for 28 days, with a 2-day break every 5 days. Avoid sun or apply sunscreen during treatment. Best use before bedtime. You can apply the serum on its own or under Eva.J Face Cream N3  moisturiser.

- In professional protocols by clinics and Spa for sensitive skin treatments for menopause and hormonal disbalances 

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS - Yellow/green liquid, distinct warm and fresh natural scent

Use after opening: 3 months


- Rebalances and soothes

- Improves the well-being of the skin

- Reduces the sensation of heat

- Contributes to sleep

  100% natural, organic and vegan origin

More on the mechanism of action

The relationship between emotions and skin reaction has been recognized for decades. Nature always played the key role in this relationship. In 1925, Joseph Klauder noted the importance of psychotherapy in the evolution of skin diseases. In 1940s Dr.Nicholai Lazarev and Dr. Israel Brekhman intrigued the medical world with the role of adaptogenic plants. In 2004 Linda Buck and Richard Axel received the Nobel prize for their discoveries of "odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system". Skin reacts to emotions and in the same time sends signals to our brain and this exchange is happening all the time. The key to this exchange are neurotransmitters, the mediators or messengers between skin and brain. By activating or reducing their action we can directly influence skin behavior. Neurotransmitters are chemical messages that are released by skin nerve fibers.Nerve fibers, in their turn are continuously communicating with fibroblasts. Fibrobalsts are responsible for elastin and collagen production. Influencing these complex interactions by pure natural components is the basis of Botanical Perfumed Therapy.