Testimonials from Happy Customers

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Alla Greenfield  (UK) , Director, MBA on Eva.J Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector

With my skin type which is mixed with dehydrated areas, pigmentation and early start every day I was looking for a natural product which would help to use my time in the morning effectively providing my skin with the maximum  hydration and healthy look.  I have been using Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector for 4 years now as a part of my morning routine. The texture and fragrance are divine. My skin has never looked more even. I could not recommend a better product. on Eva.J Natural Cellular Rejuvenation oil serum:

Excellent product. I use it as a night care and it definitely improved the tone of my skin. This serum is easily absorbed and gives to my skin this wonderful sensation of the lightness and velvet touch.  The fragrance is amazing.

Dr Elvira Skamara, (UK) on Eva.J eye care

I have been using this serum for many years and it is one of my favourite eye skincare products.

The light and delicate formula helps revitalise tired eyes effectively, it restores my youthful appearance after the long hours with the PC or after a flight. It can be applied in the morning or before going to bed, a little miracle in a bottle.


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